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Call the Swing Legislators Below in Support of a Balanced Approach

Hello, my name is __________, and I [am a student/faculty member/staff member/supporter of ________ College]. I am calling to urge the Assemblymember/Senator to reject an all-cuts budget.  California simply can not afford to kick 400,000 community college students out of school, lay off 10,000 community college teachers and increase fees by 250%.

Will the Assemblymember/Senator be supporting the balanced budget plan?

If “yes”: “Thank you for your support.”

If “no”: “I hope the Assemblymember/Senator will reconsider on behalf of California’s students. Thank you for your time.”

If “undecided”: “I appreciate that this is going to be a painful budget, and community colleges are taking deep cuts under all scenarios. The cuts for community colleges, however, will be $2.5 billion greater over the next five years under an all-cuts scenario, so I really hope the Assemblymember/Senator supports the balanced approach.”

Assemblymember Bill Berryhill (R-AD26)
Capitol phone: 916-319-2026
Capitol fax: 916-319-2126

Assemblymember Katcho Achadjian (R-AD33)
Capitol phone: 916-319-2033
Capitol fax: 916-319-2133

Assemblymember Connie Conway (R-AD34)
Capitol phone: 916-319-2034
Capitol fax: 916-319-2134

Assemblymember Paul Cook (R-AD65)
Capitol phone: 916-319-2065
Capitol fax: 916-319-2165

Senator Anthony Cannella (R-SD12)
Capitol phone: 916-651-4012
Capitol fax: (91-6) -445-

Senator Tom Berryhill (R-SD14)
Capitol phone: 916-651-4014
Capitol fax: (91-6) -327-

Senator Sam Blakeslee (R-SD15)
Capitol phone: 916-651-4015
Capitol fax: (91-6) -445-

Senator Bob Huff (R-SD29)
Capitol phone: 916-651-4029
Capitol fax: (91-6) -445-

Senator Robert Dutton (R-SD31)
Capitol phone: 916-651-4031
Capitol fax: (91-6) -327-

Senator Tom Harman (R-SD35)
Capitol phone: 916-651-4035
Capitol fax: (91-6) -445-

Senator Bill Emmerson (R-SD37)
Capitol phone: 916-651-4037
Capitol fax: (91-6) -327-