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Budget Committees Convene to Adopt Plan

On February 18, 2011, in State budget, by Scott

UPDATE:  Both the Senate and the Assembly budget committees have adopted the plan for community colleges outlined below.  The Senate did not make the adjustment for the $2.9 million change in student financial aid administration, meaning the issue will be worked out in conference.

Today, the full budget committees of both the Senate and Assembly are expected to adopt modified versions of the governor’s January 10 budget proposal.

The Assembly’s agenda identifies the community college actions as:

  • makes $402.9 million unallocated apportionment reduction
  • increases fees from $26 to $36 per unit, generating $110 million to offset unallocated reduction
  • adopts new $129 million deferral
  • rejects the proposed “census date” change

The additional $2.9 million in the apportionment reduction is because the Assembly rejected a proposal by the governor to eliminate the tie between fee revenue and student financial aid administration.

While the Assembly Budget Committee is taking action across the entire budget today, the Senate Budget Committee has been taking it in chunks throughout the week.  Today, it is expected to address Proposition 98 funding, including community colleges.  Actions similar to the Assembly are expected.

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